Monthly Archives: May 2016

31: Right


Matthew walks up to a drive-thru bikini¬†espresso place, because he’s an anarchist. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Becky nearly dies trying to save a chocolate croissant in a game of chicken with a Metro bus.

In our book this week, we read the follow up to Jana Aston’s Wrong (where the college age central character pines for her gynecologist) – this time the protagonist pines for her brother’s best friend. Meanwhile, some older creepy-ish guy giving her a ride to college is trying to git her in bed. Let’s reflect that this book is called Right.

Next up we review a person, not a book. ūüėČ Libbie Hawker, author of more books than Matthew and I have ever read. We will get a chance to ask her questions about shape-shifting and romance writing and you can too. Drop your question in the comments below.


30: Punching and Kissing


Matthew is voted Marketer of the Year, by no one ever, when he gets tongue-tied in front of a cute fan. Becky gives the young woman a book and then awkwardly asks for it back.

In this week’s episode, Matthew and Becky go deep into the MMA romance new adult genre. A genre that we never knew existed. Guess what? It’s a thing.

Next book: Right by Jana Aston

29: Paw Enforcement


Matthew looks for the beach at the Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution. Becky, meanwhile, co-wrote a book called Not One Shrine, while Matthew was away. It’s for sale now — go get it here.

This book was suggested to us by Elizabeth Chuang.¬†Here’s a quick summary: One lady cop; One lady cop¬†dog; One creepy sexist pig detective.

Next book: Punching and Kissing by Helena Newbury