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2: Atlas (Book 1)


Matthew lectures Becky on the difference between fantasy and sci-fi as we discuss this week’s Look Inside this Book Club book: Atlas, by Isaac Hooke, a dystopian tale that involves cross-border escapades, long black coats, and lots of robot fornication, or so we fantasized.

Next episode’s book:

Electra: A Dane and Bones Origins Story, by David Wood and Rick Chesler

1: The Homesman

The Homesman

This is the inaugural episode of Look Inside This Book Club, where we read and discuss the free preview of random Kindle bestsellers on Amazon. Book club rules: 1. Thou shall not spend any money. 2. You must actually read the book (c’mon, it’s like 11 pages). 3. Listeners can and should play along. Listen in to The Homesman – now a major motion picture!