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4: In Too Deep


We discuss the first (but not the last) book of the Freshman Roommate Trilogy: In Too Deep, by Mara Jacobs. No need for a summary here, listeners – suffice it to say the other two books in the trilogy are: In Too Fast and In Too Hard. We also discuss the Jesus candies Becky’s friend brought her from a Florida Walmart in a veiled attempt to convert her.

Next time: The Plagues of Pandora, by David Leadbeater

3: Electra: A Dane and Bones Origins Story


Matthew and Becky dive into the ocean on the heels of sexy Navy Seals Dane and Bones as they hunt down Amelia Earhart’s airplane, a secret cache of weapons-grade smallpox and mysterious sea creatures! But before we get deep into the book, Matthew talks about his elevator fears and Becky discusses her daddy issues.

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Next week: In Too Deep, by Mara Jacobs