Monthly Archives: August 2015

12: The Obituary Society


In our first segment we discuss the nefarious conduct of entitled regulars in cafes and bars. Moving on to our book this week, big city girl goes to small farm town in Nebraska, flirts with a lawyer and hangs out with old people who are fascinated with obituaries.

Next up: Taken by a Trilionaire by Melody Anne et al.

11: Cat’s Lair (Leopard Series #7) by Christine Feehan


Becky tells Matthew about catching a cardboard fish and Matthew grows E. Coli in his lab pants. All of this AND a new book to discuss. In Cat’s Lair, we meet yet another man with a 4-letter name, a guy who is pursuing our protagonist Cat who is hiding out in a public coffeehouse. Enter Ridley, the hot guy. We think sexy things probably happen.

Next up: The Obituary Society by Jessica L. Randall