Monthly Archives: January 2016

22: Pucked


Becky’s wife punks her at work, while Matthew meets someone really special on the bus. This week’s book is royally pucked up. Just listen to it, really. Or hey, if you want to (and here’s a line from the book) “take a shot from the orgasm bottle” just go buy the book and read it.

Next book: Cars, Cats and Crooks by R.H. Carter

21: Girl Jacked


Matthew gets gum surgery and talks about how his mouth is now a war zone. We discuss the possibilities inherent in having a second body to use and abuse, with none of the ethical considerations. Meanwhile, Becky gets way more than she anticipated with her daily coffee. This week’s book: Girl Jacked (Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Series) by Christopher Greyson. Missing girl, hunky detective. The End.

Next book: Pucked by Helena Hunting