Monthly Archives: March 2016

26: Night Pleasures


Becky gets high and things are suddenly really funny. She feels the need to talk about it. Meanwhile, Matthew visits a new ice cream place called Hog-In-Dogs, gets free samples and leaves without buying anything, like a MONSTER.

We fall back into the Sherrilyn Kenyon well with this week’s book Night Pleasures and man, she does not disappoint. Another Greekish tale, promiscuous BFF, more GOD-like man candy.

25: Steelheart


In the first section we discuss the dramatic news that we have met our parallel universe twin — Adam Schwartz — who is running a Kickstarter to write his own romantic novel. LITBC fans, this guy has a comedy show where he pans romantic novels – I know, right? We both backed him instantaneously. He has the most awkward naked-ish picture of himself on the book cover and that, alone, is worth $10.

In this episode we talk about the book Steelheart and the characters DeathPoint and FaultLine and lots of other obvious superpower characters. Oh, and banks. Everything bad happens in a bank.

Next book: Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

P.S. Check out the video game that Matthew and I were addicted to in the 80s: Final Blow.