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39: Crapkiller: Sol System Renegades


In this week’s book we meet Elfrida Goto and Jennifer Colden, both 19-year-old recent grads of the Space Corps class of 2277. They’ve landed on Ganymede, biggest moon in the solar system. They are staying in YM City where their job is to destroy dog-sized hamsters (a by-product out of control GE mistake).

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Next Book: Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

Matthew on Radio Versus The Martians

Becky’s Roller Derby Name: Wrecky Spillergutz

Matthew’s Roller Derby Name: Mayhem Slamster-Hurtin’

38: Barbecue, Bourbon and Bullets


Matthew throws a women party and it’s not at all what you might think. Becky gets catcalled on the dog eat dog streets of Seattle.

This is a somen slide and it’s very important when throwing a women party.


In this week’s book, Ali and Al run a bakery in Manhattan called HoneyBun. There’s some police brutality protest nearby and this may or may not be good for business. There’s also some romance shit. Whatever, the excerpt was so short we didn’t read enough to care.

Next book: Crapkiller (Sol System Renegades) by Felix R. Savage