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6: Die Again: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel

Die Again

Back by popular demand is improv queen Lindsay Grimm to help us break down Die Again, the first book we (Becky) are totally going to finish reading, penalties be damned! Set in Botswana and Boston, an eclectic crew of characters meet for what might be their last adventure. Die Again: where someone gets whacked in the bush.

Lindsay Grimm


5: The Plagues of Pandora

Plagues of Pandora

What can we say about Plagues of Pandora that the 143 named characters in the free sample haven’t already said? Truth be told, we have no bloody idea what this book is about and either does the author. We’re turning evil, just like the Pythians or whatever.

Next time: Die Again, by Tess Gerritsen