Monthly Archives: December 2015

20: The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto


We invite Professor of Literature at Seattle University Dr. Bryn Gribben to our show, hereby legitimizing LITBC until End Times.

To summarize this week’s choice: “This book is garbage.” Matthew Amster-Burton

Next book: Girljacked

19: Undercover


Matthew wants to emigrate to Vancouver and try out for the Olympic curling team. Meanwhile, Becky seethes with jealousy when Matthew makes a present-day move on her old high school crush.

In this episode we discuss a book from obscure author Danielle something… Steel? You probably haven’t heard of her.

Next book: The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

18: Wrong


Is it wrong for Becky to steal from Matthew’s daughter’s Halloween stash? Also: are Mounds the loser of the candy bar universe? Becky uses her newly acquired improv skills by impersonating a bouncer.

In book club matters, we discuss the most uncomfortable book premise ever, in which a horny co-ed is hot for her, wait for it, gynecologist.


Next book: Undercover by Danielle Steel