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71: The Hot Shot (Live show in Portland, Oregon)

Special bonus episode this week, we’re live in Portland, Oregon at The Funhouse Lounge opening up for Matthew’s other podcast, Spilled Milk.  Enjoy!

We’re back next week with our regularly scheduled programming and Devil’s Move, A Thriller by Leslie Wolfe

69: Highland Surrender by Tracy Brogan

[Listeners please note that we are not making a hack joke about the fact that this is our 69th episode, we’re just alluding to it because: MATURE]

Plot: Woman gets married off to the family of her grandmother’s murderer. She’s resistant because she’s sane. No one sees it that way.

Next book: Delivery Girl: A contemporary sports romantic comedy by Lily Kate

64: Forgive my Fins

Son of a swordfish! We’re back with more mermance….we’ve “explored” Mermen romance, naturally it’s time to chill with the Mermaids, all apologies to any comedy podcast hosts we know that have an irrational fear of them.

Next book: 12 Inches: A Secret Baby Dark Romance by Alexis Angel